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It is the peace of mind and confidence from the first encounter to the use of your visit your dream pool or spa.

They are products of the highest quality and innovative in a service environment of service totally integrated at all times.

Imagine the peace of mind of having a single place to contact, from installation to maintenance. We are always available to serve you with our team.


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Mineraluxe: Hot Tub Maintenance Made Simple

5 September 2017

There’s nothing more relaxing than using your hot tub—summer or winter—in the comfort of your own back yard. And the maintenance it requires shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it to the fullest! The Mineraluxe kit,

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Zeolite Filtration: An Advantageous Solution for your In-Ground Poo

31 August 2017

Replacing the sand in your in-ground pool filter isn’t easy. The filter’s not only hard to access, but it also contains a lot of small parts

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Spas and Hot Tubs: The Ultimate in Relaxation at Home

30 August 2017

This summer, invest your vacation dollars in a premium spa and transform your back yard into a sunny holiday destination! What better way to relax, socialize, start your day or end

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