There are several types of filtration equipment to meet the needs of your pool. Youmust consider the size of your pool to select the right filter.

Whether it’s for a new pool or a filter replacement, we can offer you the best in the industry.

Do you know the Zeolite? At Piscines Val-Morin Signature, we use zeolite filtration because it’s much more efficient and requires very little maintenance.

Call one of our representant to get all the information you need.

Produits de filtration



  • This heavy duty premium filter is made from high density polyethylene (hdpe) with the integration of blow molding technology.
  • The unique double side layer: improves filtration efficiency and allows complete backwashing and allows complete backwashing and smoother water circulation du to a 30% reduction in restrictions.
  • The resin clamp allows 360 degree rotation of the valve to simplify the installation.
  • Suitable for swimming pools with different disinfection systems such as salt chlorine generator, UV system, ozone system and dosing pump.
  • The inlet and outlet are equipped with a quick connect, which is more practical to use because it facilitates connection to 1.5 inch imperial pipe.

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