Heat pump

Heat pump

Getting water to a constant degree, isn’t it the  desirable dream for an optimum experience?

In addition, this may allow you to extend the season both in the Spring and in the Fall seasons.

There are several technologies on the market. It is also very important to choose the model that can adequately suit the size of your swimming pool so that you do not need to work your heat pump unnecessarily and use it prematurely.

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Thermopump série F, Nirvana


At Nirvana, product quality is a priority to offer a worry-free experience. Adapted to the northern climate, each unit is manufactured with high-end parts that provide an exceptional service life for our products. An anti-corrosion protection is also applied inside all our units to ensure safety for all components.

The reduction of the noise level is a constant concern for Nirvana, which already has several innovations to eliminate noise pollution. The acoustic cover of the compressor, the design of the propellers and the fiberglass trim substantially limit the inconvenience of the noise. That said, Nirvana thermopumps maintain a sound level that ranges from 53 to 57 decibels.

The Nirvana digital control panel adjusts the temperature of the pool water precisely, ensuring constant water heat and optimum energy efficiency of your thermopump. The Nirvana heat pump is also compatible with pool management systems or optional Wi-Fi control.

In addition to the role in noise reduction , the composite boxes of pool heaters offer several advantages. Specially designed for easy maintenance, the housings are guaranteed 15 years, will not fade, are corrosion resistant and are of unequaled robustness. The design also makes installation simple and fast since the components are very easy to access.

There is a suitable model for each pool size from 50,000 BTU to 140,000 BTU.

The OASIS thermopump


The thermopumps of the OASIS series of Quebec manufacture offer a range of 50,000 to 80,000 BTU / hr. They are recognized for being economical, strong, efficient and silent. They have calibrated injection technology

Turcotte Elite Thermopump


Pool heaters in the ÉLITE series from Québec manufacture a range of 55,000 to 130,000 BTU / hr. They have calibrated injection technology and a high efficiency operation system with reduced energy consumption and complete sealing. Depending on the model, the thermopump is equipped with a “Rotary” or “Scroll” type compressor.


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