Spa accessory


To facilitate the opening of your spa cover effortlessly, we offer you different models of lever that are easily installed on your spa. Ranging from a single bar, you can also choose for a model offering a maximum of for safety.

The chosen lever model must adapt to the available space  behind your spa.

Check with one of our in-store experts to determine the right replacement coverage you need.

The Rock-It Cover


It is a top cover lever that offers a simple design. It adjusts to the majority of spas up to 96 ” wide. It is easy to use requiring a minimum of effort to bring the cover to the back of the spa and  allow a complete view

The Cover Caddy


It is a lever with gas-assisted spring that is versatile and effortless to open the spa cover. Its unique design allows quick installation that fits many forms of spa. The Caddy being under the base of the spa, it installs in the minute. The addition of a gas in the springs makes it possible to raise and lower the cover without any effort.



  • 100% Aluminum lever that fits on the side of the spa. Easy to install, it is adjustable according to the width of the spa

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