You obviously need to maintain your pool. But why devote a great deal of time and effort to it?

We have solutions to make this task easy and simple so you can enjoy your pool to the maximum with minimal effort.

We can offer you a variety of robots suitable for your pool type with a wide range of functionality.

Le robot ARTHUR


Fast and efficient, the ARTHUR pool robot perfectly cleans the bottom and slopes of your pool in record time. Small and lightweight, it is easy to use and maintain. Its remote control allows manual cleaning.
• Adapts to all forms of inground pools
• Suitable for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces
• Quick and automatic cleaning
• Convenient remote control
• Cleaning brush underneath
• Protective bumpers
• Rubber wheels
• Carrying handles
• Easy and quick access to the filter cartridge
• 13-meter (42-foot) robot power cord
Warranty: 2 years on engine and electronic components



Automatic cleaner for inground pool (10 x hose1M)

AquaBug (Coccinelle), Hayward


For above-ground pools, the AquaBug Turbine Cleaner includes the exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering system to clean faster and more thoroughly than other cleaners:
• Patented SmartDrive programmable steering system ensures complete and fast pool cleaning
• Can be installed without tools in less than 10 minutes
• Unique turbine and clutch system ensures a steady flow of water that allows quiet operation and smooth movement at the bottom of the pool
• Improves the circulation of water by suctioning the water that circulates at the bottom of the pool
• The advanced design of the head allows the AquaBug to complete its task in a minimum of time
• Deluxe protection ring reduces friction so that the robot can easily move away from the walls and resume its journey
• Santoprene clogs allow the aquabug to change course quickly


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