The advantages of small in-ground pools

16 July 2021

A good number of homeowners would like to get an in-ground pool to cool off or enjoy a moment of relaxation, but not everyone has a yard that’s large enough to accommodate one. At least, that’s what most people think. However, it’s actually possible to get a small in-ground pool so you can treat yourself to a little pleasure this summer with access to a veritable oasis right in your own back yard.


Small in-ground pools in insulated concrete forms


Increasingly popular, small in-ground pools are usually made from an insulated concrete form, which is ideal for maintaining the warmth of the water and capable of supporting the pool without a walkway to reinforce it. The form provides R30 insulation, as the concrete is contained in two panels of insulating material, creating a thermal break between the ground and the water.


Cutting costs with a small in-ground pool


Thanks to its reduced size, a small in-ground pool will help you save money on heating, maintenance and filtration products. You can also walk from one end to the other, as there will only be four feet of water in the shallow part and five feet in the deep part. Given the diminished size of the pool, it isn’t necessary to have a so-called “deep end,” a feature that’s less and less in demand these days, anyway.


A small in-ground pool isn’t only fashionable and modern, but also an ideal purchase if you have a small back yard in Montreal, a townhouse or some other type of dwelling with limited space. This means that you can benefit from a relaxation area no matter where you live! Val-Morin Signature Pools can offer you turnkey small in-ground pool projects including excavation, installation of your pool and its various components (for example, the pool heater) and construction of a secure enclosure around the pool. We can also take care of any landscaping that may be necessary. So don’t hesitate to get yourself a small in-ground pool this summer!

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