The Benefits and Advantages of Eating Local

19 December 2017

Nutrition is a hot topic. With everything from kitchen shows and recipe books to internet podcasts and videos offering nutrition tips, it can be difficult to find your way. So what exactly does it mean to eat local or consume local produce? Eating local means opting for fresh products originating from local producers (from your region, from Quebec or even from your own garden), rather than purchasing imported produce. Did you know that every imported food item found in your supermarket has travelled an average of 2,500 km? However, Quebec is home to more than 29,000 farms. Here are some of the advantages of consuming locally cultivated fruits, vegetables and other products.

Stimulate the local economy. Making local businesses more profitable helps them reduce their production costs (especially when it comes to transport, preservatives and intermediaries) and makes it possible for them to offer products of incomparable quality and freshness. Furthermore, by cutting their costs, local producers can generally sell their products for less than many imported ones. So everyone comes out a winner!

Eat healthier. As soon as they’re picked, fruits and vegetables start losing vitamins and minerals. By purchasing locally, you can consume fresh produce that has been picked only hours or—at the most—a few days earlier. By comparison, imported lettuce, for example, might not show up on our supermarket shelves until a full month after it’s harvested. You’ll also avoid purchasing products that are loaded with preservatives. We only have to compare strawberries from Quebec with those from elsewhere. The freshness of the Quebec strawberries wins hands down! You can even purchase local produce during the winter, thanks to Lufa Farms, a flourishing company that does business with a number of local artisans to grow various food items throughout the year in greenhouses.

Engage in a fun family activity. Eating local can also mean growing your own fruits and vegetables at home in your garden. Besides enabling you to consume fresh, natural produce, it’s also a wonderful family activity that will get you up off the sofa and provide you with a great sense of personal satisfaction.

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