Should you choose an in-ground or semi in-ground pool?

13 June 2022

Whether you want to have a good time with friends, have fun with your kids or simply cool off during the dog days of summer, an in-ground pool is a must in your back yard. There are several different types of in-ground pools to choose from, including pools with vinyl liners, concrete pools and insulated concrete form (ICF) pools. Often, certain constraints may prevent you from installing an in-ground pool in your yard. In these cases, a semi in-ground pool just might be the ideal solution for enjoying the summer season to the fullest.


What exactly is a semi in-ground pool?


A semi in-ground pool is a concrete or ICF pool that’s slightly raised. As a result, the surface of the water is above ground level. You can surround the exposed part of your semi in-ground pool with imitation wood, concrete or even stone. This type of pool is ideal if your back yard is on a slope or if it’s so rocky that it would require significant blasting in order to perform the installation. A semi in-ground pool represents a great compromise between an in-ground pool and an above-ground pool.


Safety first with a semi in-ground or in-ground pool


Whether you end up choosing an in-ground or semi in-ground pool, it’s important to enclose it and to include all of the necessary elements to ensure everyone’s safety. Val-Morin Pools follows all current municipal regulations to the letter so that clients can enjoy a pleasant, worry-free dip in the pool anytime they want, throughout the summer season. Are you having trouble deciding between an in-ground or semi in-ground pool? Don’t hesitate to contact our team. They can advise you as to the best possible choice, depending on your needs, your budget and the characteristics of your back yard.

Click here to learn more about our ICF in-ground pools or our concrete in-ground pools. If you would like to submit a request for information, simply fill out our convenient online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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