Making your pool safe

25 October 2019

Finally, everything’s in place to enjoy the summer sun.

Getting a pool is ideal for refreshing your family members and guests and for jumping in with both feet when temperatures start to climb.

But a pool is also a big responsibility, as you have to make sure that your new acquisition is safe. Your pool needs to be made safe for your children, pets and other loved ones who aren’t skilled at swimming.

The first step to adequately securing your pool is to surround it with an enclosure. This is the most effective means of making it safe, as it prevents children and pets from getting near it without supervision. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and styles for your enclosure. So there’s no need to worry that making you pool safe will detract from its appearance.


Securing your pool: an obligation

Pool ladders and steps are another important piece of equipment to take into consideration for making your pool safe. Getting in and out of the pool shouldn’t be an ordeal. You’ll also want to purchase the necessary equipment to prevent children from getting in the water without supervision.

A few other items that will help promote your peace of mind include life preservers, floaties, life vests and alarm bracelets.

To learn more about pool safety regulations, come see us at Val-Morin Pools.

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