Possible materials for in-ground pools

4 August 2021

In-ground pools with vinyl liners


An in-ground pool equipped with a vinyl liner can be installed with galvanized steel, resin or polypropylene panels offering strong resistance to periods of frost, a reinforced concrete bottom, a retaining support system on the outside, crushed stone filling and a concrete walkway. The vinyl liner that covers the walls must be replaced every 10 to 15 years to maintain a fresh appearance.


Concrete in-ground pools


Concrete in-ground pools are ideal for large-scale projects. The concrete, which is sprayed directly onto a steel frame at the construction site, offers incomparable durability and can take various forms, for example to create a beach-style entrance or to include a built-in hot tub or waterfall. You can also choose from a variety of tiles in different colors and patterns. Val-Morin Signature Pools is an exclusive supplier of phosphorescent tiles for a unique, eclectic look.


In-ground pools in insulated concrete forms


In-ground pools in insulated concrete forms are designed in Quebec to withstand the rigors of our climate. This type of pool is made from concrete that is poured into molds surrounded by insulation in order to prevent the transfer of heat between the pool water and the concrete structure. This way, it’s possible to keep the water warmer longer. An in-ground pool in an insulated concrete form is energy efficient and can be custom made to suit the needs of the client.


What kind of material should you choose?


An in-ground pool represents a major investment in your property. To ensure that your new pool suits your tastes to a tee, Val-Morin Signature Pools recommends opting for a concrete in-ground pool, as it can be custom designed, it’s durable, it’s easy to maintain and it offers spectacular results. For a project as important as this, you should also opt for Val-Morin Signature Pool’s turnkey service, which includes the design and installation of the pool, pavers, fencing and landscaping, not to mention comprehensive project management from start to finish to ensure your peace of mind. Contact us for an estimate.

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