Is it possible to repair or renovate an in-ground pool?

27 April 2017

Disaster! The vinyl liner of your in-ground pool is torn. Eroded by time, chlorine and the sun, it gives up the ghost one Saturday morning while you’re in the middle of doing maintenance on your pool, hoping to take a dip that afternoon. With a sigh of resignation, you notice that the vinyl liner isn’t the only thing in your back yard that’s looking old and tired: there’s the broken down slide, the cracked walkway around the pool, the faded perennials… even your filtration system is bothering you. Should you move? Definitely not! Should you call Val-Morin Signature Pools? Definitely so!

In-ground pool repair and renovation: yes, it is possible!

If you purchase a home with an in-ground pool that looks worn out or if your back yard is no longer the little piece of heaven it once was, you should opt for repairs or renovations to revitalize your back yard and your in-ground pool (no matter whether it has a vinyl liner or is made of concrete) and think of it as an investment. It’s easy to give your yard a brand-new appearance by keeping everything that’s still in good shape and just repairing the rest or maybe adding a few new elements. And we can save you a lot of time and trouble in that regard with our numerous services:

  • Liner replacement
  • Repair of the cracks in the walkway, pavers, ceramic tiles or concrete around your pool
  • Addition of stamped concrete
  • Replacement of the filtration system or one of its components
  • Addition of a waterfall, beach or whirlpool
  • Reduction of the depth of your in-ground pool
  • And much more!

Whether you want a simple addition, a repair, remodeling or a full makeover from scratch, Val-Morin Signature Pools offers turnkey service for ANY type of back yard. No matter where you purchased your pool, we can make it look like new again. So there’s really no excuse not to have the in-ground pool of your dreams this summer!

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