Inground pool
Insulating formwork


Insulating formwork

A revolutionary pool exclusive to Val-Morin Signature: the VMSR30 with insulating formwork.

It’s a unique Quebec designed construction adapted for our climate. This pool offers you several advantages: it is energy efficent, in addition to being custom-made according to your needs and your space. It follows the new trend by adopting zen and linear forms. It has the best insulation on the market.

Having no thermal bridge, there is no cold conductor. This pool offers the highest warming factor in the industry. It is designed with our R30 insulating formwork panels exclusive to Val-Morin Signature Pools. This allows more space and water capacity. The VMSR30 offers design possibilities that will enhance the look of your pool such as installing full-width built-in steps, a beach, fountain, waterfalls, and more.

This type of pool is covered with a vinyl liner. Several canvas patterns are available to match your landscape.

Piscines Val-Morin Signature will always be there to answer your questions and advise you, from your first visit to the store to starting up the pool. Our team is here for you.

You also have access to our turnkey landscaping service for the complete installation of your yard, including the installation of stamped concrete, colored concrete and pavement. In addition, several equipment options are available according to your needs such as heat pump, salt system, intelligent control panel, LED lights, etc.

Often copied, but never equaled !


Product of Quebec design

Energy Efficiency



Several zen and linear shapes

No thermal bridge, higher heat factor


Reinforcement system for concrete

1. Vertical reinforcement
2. Spreader
3. Frame Support
4. Horizontal reinforcement

Interior Finish

1. Screw-on mounting to integrated plastic strips
2. Interior finish: bubble insulation sheet
3. Concrete
4. Swimming pool liner


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