Inground pool



You want a durable and most affordable in ground pool to enjoy the summer season. Val-Morin Signature suggests you the inground pool VMS resin.

VMS resin is constructed of rigid panels and curved, panels, including a mesh of 21 supports with a connection system that further strengthens the panels. The straight and curved panels give an infinite variety of styles and shapes to your pool. The floor of your pool is made of concrete for a smoother and stronger surface.

This type of pool is covered with a vinyl liner. Several canvas patterns are available to match your landscape.

Our in-ground swimming pool installers will create the pool of your dreams in a timely manner and always according to the installation standards of Piscines Val-Morin Signature. Take advantage of our expertise and our integrated service to realize your inground pool project.

Piscines Val-Morin Signature will always be there to answer your questions and advise you, from your first visit to the store to starting up the pool. Our team is here for you.

You also have access to our turnkey landscaping service for the complete installation of your yard, including the installation of stamped concrete, colored concrete and pavement. In addition, several equipment options are available according to your needs such as heat pump, salt system, intelligent control panel, LED lights, etc.


Several  varied shapes

Rapid of construction

Large selection of vinyl canvas pattern

No corrosion in the structure

Keeps water warmer


Sturdy polystyrene rigid wall
Flexible curved polypropylene wall
Support lattice


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