Pool liner replacement

Pool liner replacement

When your in-ground pool needs a new liner, do business with Val-Morin Pools.

Resin-vinyl and steel-vinyl in-ground pools include a liner, which loses its luster over time. Whether to give your pool a modern look or to perform a repair, Val-Morin Pools and the company’s team of professionals are just what you need to remedy the situation.

In-ground pool liner repair and replacement

After several years, the liner of an in-ground pool will fade or discolor and need replacing. Take advantage of the opportunity to give your pool a new look with a liner in keeping with today’s tastes. Val-Morin Pools offers a vast selection of liners to satisfy any taste and any budget. Our liner-replacement services include line tests, skimmer replacement, repair or replacement of other components (pipes, filter system, etc.) and even the addition of a salt chlorine system or a pool heater.

We also repair concrete in-ground pools. In this case, our services include resurfacing the concrete, reducing the depth, adding steps or a beach entrance and installing a fountain or other accessories.

In-ground pool liner replacement: big savings

You’ll save money in the long run by replacing your liner and repairing your pool instead of demolishing your old pool and installing a new one. Val-Morin Pools has been specializing in vinyl in-ground pool repair and renovation for more than 40 years. Our qualified, experienced team will assure you of incomparable high-quality service.

Simply give us a call, and one of our experts will be happy to guide you in getting the process started.


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