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Cascade II

Cascade II

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Having a wall lowered to the water level, it is the only spa offering an
infinite view ending with a full-width waterfall.

No matter the number of people in the spa, the water level is always at
the manufacturer’s recommended level while eliminating quickly impurities.
This spa line offers a 24-inch wide water fountain the back of the spa, the widest
in the  industry largest which gives a waterfall of warm water onto the the shoulders like a warm blanket.
This serie also offers a commercial-grade pressurized cyclonic filtration system with
the largest filter in the industry allowing superior filtration and ensuring no debris and
will be properly filtered without contaminating the water.

Completely insulated, jets with air injector in stainless steel finish, choice of water purifier,
lights, sound system, large choice of color and materials for outer skirt and color.


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