Your pool water purification system

26 July 2022

Salt vs. chlorine

Having an in-ground pool in your back yard is not only practical but also highly appreciated during the extended heatwaves of summer. A pool is also a great addition to your property when it comes to spending quality time with your friends and family. Like an above-ground pool, an in-ground pool functions with the aid of a filtration system, supplemented with a purification system. There are two principal types of pool purification systems: those that use salt and those that use chlorine. The most important question to ask yourself when choosing between salt and chlorine is whether you tend to stay home or regularly travel. The best choice of purification systems will depend on your lifestyle.

Saltwater systems for in-ground pools

If you or your family are frequently away from home for several days at a time during the summers (weekends at the cabin, sports tournaments, etc.), a saltwater system is ideal for you. Like chlorine pools, saltwater pools require minimal maintenance. In either case, you need to check certain water properties, including the pH, alkalinity and levels of calcium, phosphate, metals and stabilizer, to ensure that the water is safe for everyone. However, a saltwater system requires less time and attention, as the electrodes lodged inside the cell transform the salt into chlorine throughout the bathing season. As a result, you can be away for several days without having to ask a friend or neighbor to add chlorine to your pool while you’re gone.

Chlorine systems

Although chlorine systems are popular, as they’re less expensive than saltwater systems, they require more of your time. Depending on the temperature, you’ll have to add chlorine tablets or granules to your pool every 24 to 48 hours to ensure that the water doesn’t turn green and cloudy. Whenever there are heavy rains, a period of extreme heat or even a day in which more people than usual use your pool, it’s important to add chlorine before or after sunset daily for two or three days. If you have this type of system and you’re away from home, you’ll have to ask a neighbor or family member to come and add chlorine to the water so it will remain clean and clear.

Besides offering you premium in-ground pools, Val-Morin Signature Pools offers you turnkey service, thus facilitating your search for providers when you want to landscape your yard or install an enclosure around your pool, a safety measure that has been obligatory since 2010. What’s more, we provide excellent customer service, as we’re available to all of our clients seven days a week, whether to answer a simple technical question or to perform repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get yourself an in-ground pool so you can enjoy a refreshing break from the summer heat!


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