The Aqua Genie filtration system: less fuss, more fun

27 June 2017

There’s no better place to enjoy yourself, entertain or simply relax than a beautiful in-ground pool in your own back yard. Why should you spend more time maintaining it than dipping your feet in it? The Aqua Genie pool maintenance system will save you time and money, enabling you to enjoy your in-ground pool to the fullest.

The revolutionary technology of the Aqua Genie filtration system

The Aqua Genie is a combination filter system and skimmer, featuring a simple, yet highly effective design technology. A pressure chamber forces the filtered water toward the bottom of the pool, preventing the accumulation of debris. Circulated upward, the debris is easily sucked into the Aqua Genie’s oversized leaf basket, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. The basket’s unique anti-clogging design prevents starvation of the pump, even at low water levels or when there is a large amount of debris. As a result, the filter traps debris ten times faster than any other system, while ensuring optimal water circulation, leading to clean, crystal-clear water that maintains a more consistent temperature from top to bottom.

The Aqua Genie: pool maintenance at its simplest

With the Aqua Genie filtration system, you only have to clean your pool once every three weeks, compared to once a week with conventional skimmers. What’s more, the removable canister near the basket allows you to add chlorine pellets with ease, and a control valve precisely regulates distribution, preventing over-chlorination. Once swimming season is over, the Aqua Genie lets you hermetically seal off the entrance to the filtration system with a custom winter cover. Contact Val Morin Signature Pools to learn more about the Aqua Genie’s features—as well as its purchase and installation price—and enjoy an in-ground pool that’s easy to maintain and pleasant to be in all summer long!

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