Where to Begin when Purchasing an In-Ground Pool

29 January 2018

It isn’t a bad idea to start shopping for an in-ground pool during the winter. Since purchasing a pool requires a lot of preparation, it’s wise to embark on the initial phases before the snow melts. Most buyers will request a spring installation date. So why not schedule yours first to ensure that you get a date early in the season? Here are a few tips to get your quest for the in-ground pool of your dreams off on the right foot.

Why do you want an in-ground pool? Is it to bask in the sun after a hard day at work or to practice your swimming technique, or is it primarily for your children to enjoy? Knowing the reasons for your purchase will be a big help when planning your project. What’s more, when you visit the sales outlet, the representative will be able to determine exactly which products will meet your needs.

Determine your budget. An in-ground pool isn’t generally an impulse buy. It’s important to know the costs associated with this project, including the filter system, the heating system, landscaping and the cost of the additional electricity you’ll need each year to operate the pool. All-inclusive service for the purchase, professional installation and landscaping is an important consideration when choosing a pool company. Also, you’ll want to find out if they offer financing solutions to fit your situation.

Check the local municipal regulations. The surface area of the pool, the presence of a diving board, the decibel level of the heat pump, the location of the pool and any requirements regarding an enclosure are often regulated by your municipality. Don’t hesitate to call them before starting your project to make sure that you’re in compliance with the regulations, so you avoid paying fines or quarrelling with your neighbors.

Make quality a priority. There are numerous pool suppliers and installers out there. Some of them will offer ridiculously low-priced products, which may seem appealing at first glance, but will quickly prove to be problematic. Professional installation by seasoned experts is essential to ensure your peace of mind for many years to come. After all, tranquility is exactly what you’re looking for when you purchase an in-ground pool.

Learn about the latest technology. The world of in-ground pools has really changed over the years! There are a lot of new options available to you, like ICF (insulated concrete form) pools, stamped concrete designs, silent pumps, and a large variety of maintenance products. Ask your representative for more information on the various options available in the market.

Finally, do business with a reputable company. Val-Morin Signature Pools offers all-inclusive service: pertinent advice, personalized products, professional installation, full landscaping and reassuring post-sales service. Check out a few of our projects for a little preview of what your project might look like!

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