What are the choices in colors for an in-ground pool?

6 June 2022

The summer season is the ideal time to take full advantage of your back yard. For those who don’t yet have an in-ground pool, it’s a great time to take the plunge. There are numerous models on the market to suit every taste and every back yard. The large variety of available colors for in-ground pools at Val-Morin Pools enables us to offer you a whole range of possibilities to get the look you want so you can enjoy the back yard of your dreams with your friends and family this summer.


Choices in colors for vinyl in-ground pools


When it comes to vinyl in-ground pools, there are two types of liners to choose from: those with borders and those without. Clients generally choose one or the other based on the shape of the pool. If an in-ground pool has rounded contours, it’s more common to use a liner with a border, as it’s more suitable for models of this type. However, if your pool has built-in steps (with the liner on top), it isn’t recommendable to use this type of liner, as the border will run over the top step. On the other hand, if your pool is linear and you’d like a more modern look, you should opt for a borderless liner. Both types of liners are available in different colors, and your choice of color will determine the appearance of the water. A dark blue liner will create the illusion of deep blue water, while a pale blue liner will give the impression of clear blue water. If instead you’re looking for turquoise water that will make you feel as though you’re on the seashore in the Caribbean, a beige liner for turquoise green or a grey liner for turquoise blue will do the trick.


Choices in colors for concrete in-ground pools


The principle is similar when it comes to concrete in-ground pools. Depending on the shade used, the blue of the water will be pale, dark or turquoise. For a translucent blue pool, monument grey is the ideal choice, while charcoal grey will result in a pool with dark turquoise waters. Finally, if you prefer a lighter shade of turquoise, a beige background will be perfect for you.

To enjoy your brand-new vinyl or concrete in-ground pool as soon as possible, contact Val-Morin Pools. We also specialize in pool repairs and maintenance.

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