The Profession of a Pool Liner Installer

19 December 2017

Mr. T is a pool liner installer at Val-Morin Signature Pools. With more than 3,000 liner installations to his credit, he’s been passionate about his work for 27 years. So what motivates him each day? Giving a second or even third life to his clients’ pools.

In order to do his job, he needs to visualize the end result of the work to be performed. The fact is that every pool is unique and has specific requirements. That’s why Mr. T is very observant; he has to think of everything before he even starts working.

Being a liner installer isn’t for everyone. You have to withstand the heat of the Quebec summers. In full sunlight, in your back yard, it goes without saying that the bottom of your pool becomes a veritable oven, with no water and no wind to provide a little relief! And it isn’t much better in spring: once the snows have melted, a horde of insects and other little critters has very likely taken up residence in your pool. Algae and frogs are happily bathing there before Mr. T commences his task!

According to Mr. T, if a liner installer wants to be the best in his field, he has to keep up to date on all the new materials that are available in the pool market, as well as all the latest trends. But to ensure that the liner will fit your pool like a glove, nothing beats the time-honored practice of taking measurements by hand. Val-Morin Signature Pools is proud to have Mr. T on its team of installers.

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