Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF): For a revolutionary in-ground pool

14 April 2017

Imagine yourself on the deck of your future in-ground pool, dangling your feet in the water as you read the newspaper, while your oldest daughter throws a ball back and forth with her friend at the deep end and your youngest son shrieks with laughter as he paddles over from the shallow end. The water is warm and clear, and the air is filled with the sounds of laughter and the gurgle of the waterfall as you enjoy an afternoon with your family. You’re dreaming of an ICF in-ground pool with modern, distinguished lines that’s ecological and energy-efficient, helping you save money on heating costs. At Val-Morin Signature, we’re there to make this exotic dream come true, and for much less than you think.

What’s an ICF pool?

Unlike traditional formwork, which is made entirely of concrete, insulating formwork is composed of two layers of polystyrene with concrete poured between them, resulting in a wall that combines the structural solidity of concrete with the thermal insulation of polystyrene. Thanks to this technique, the water in the in-ground pool benefits from R30 insulation, the best in the market. The heat from the sunlight is stored in the water, warming you and your family, instead of escaping into the ground.

The VMS R30 concrete in-ground pool

Exclusively available at Val-Morin Signature Pools, the VMS R30 in-ground pool was designed in Quebec and comes in a wide variety of materials and styles. Thanks to the insulating formwork technique, it can hold more water and provide more space to transform any back yard into a veritable spa. Who said the grass was greener on the other side of the fence? With this revolutionary pool, your kids will want to invite their friends over, rather than their friends inviting them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The infinite possibilities of an in-ground ICF pool

Easily adaptable to the latest Zen and linear design trends, thanks to an easy-to-install insulating formwork, our in-ground pool is fully customizable and can accommodate whatever constraints your back yard may present, whether it’s small, cramped or uneven. The insulating process also allows the inclusion of full-width steps, benches, fountains, lighting effects, waterfalls or even a “beach” corner, where you can sunbathe while maintaining contact with the water. So everyone comes out a winner: you, your kids, your family and your friends!

An in-ground pool will be the focal point of your outdoor family activities—your little piece of heaven, your indulgence, your pride and joy. And with the VMS R30 pool, it will also be a sound long-term investment and a demonstration of your commitment to the environment. Are you ready to make it a reality? Contact us! Val-Morin Signature can also take care of your backyard landscaping, including pavers. You’re just a phone call away from the back yard of your dreams!

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