Pool and hot tub: save money

16 April 2018

Summer is synonymous with pleasure. Whether for an afternoon dip in the pool, an evening soak in the hot tub or a get-together with friends, your back yard is the indisputable host to your summer activities. However, on the down side, the electricity costs stemming from the enjoyment of your pool or hot tub can quickly climb sky-high. In fact, up to 70 percent of your electric bill during the summer can be attributed to the operation of your pool or spa. Here are a few tips to help you save money so you can enjoy your back yard worry-free.

Choose the most efficient pump for your pool

Whether you’re replacing your old pump or installing a new pool, opt for a two-speed or variable-speed pump, which will allow you to save up to 80 percent of the costs associated with a regular pump. Choose one that corresponds to the capacity of your filter, the volume of water to be treated and the diameter of the conduits. Avoid heavy-duty pumps, which do nothing but jack up your electricity bill for no good reason.

The DAB electronic pump is an excellent choice to filter your pool because, among other things, it has a unique hydraulic design that uses the pumped water to cool the motor. Not only does this reduce noise, but it also eliminates the need for a fan, making it a perfect option for more compact or poorly-ventilated spaces. This variable-speed fan can be set it to the speed that’s most appropriate to the situation. During cleaning or when people are swimming, it’s recommended to use the high speed. But when the pool isn’t being used, the low speed is preferable. This represents a savings of $55 per month, right in your pocket!

Use a heat-pump to heat your pool

To heat the water in your pool, the use of a heat-pump, rather than an electric resistance heater, will enable you to save more than 75 percent on your electric bill. While it costs more to purchase, it quickly pays for itself through the savings it creates. As a result, you’ll enjoy a comfortable swim and an extended summer season.

Hot tubs: a significant electrical expense

The year-round use of a spa can generate over $500 in annual electricity costs. To decrease your expenses, you can lower the temperature one or two degrees when the hot tub is in standby mode, equip it with a two-speed pump, replace the cover after each use and choose its location wisely (where it’s sheltered from wind and bad weather). The degree of insulation in your spa is also important. The purchase of a Coast Spa hot tub with 12 layers of Owens Corning fiberglass underneath the acrylic—not to mention a 5-inch thick cover that allows the water to conserve its heat longer—will help you save on heating costs.

Do you already own a pool that needs a few upgrades or are you planning on taking the big plunge and buying one this summer? Contact one of our representatives at Val-Morin Signature Pools, who will be happy to give you advice on the various ways you can save money on your electricity bill during the summer season.

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