Phosphates: The Enemy of Your In-Ground Pool

16 April 2018

What are phosphates?

Phosphates are inorganic chemicals that nourish the algae and micro-organisms in your pool. This means that elevated phosphate levels are an indication of the proliferation of algae. This creates a strong demand for sanitizers like chlorine and bromine, whose purpose is to break down phosphates. They also make the water cloudy and are at the root of the formation of tartar when the water heats up. In saltwater hot tubs, phosphates have the tendency to cover the electrodes, reducing the effectiveness of sanitizers. In a nutshell, phosphates are nothing but trouble, making water management problematic and costly.

Dephosphatation of your pool or spa

How can you get rid of the phosphates in your pool? If the water is cloudy, appears to have a biological film on the surface or is emitting a foul odor, it’s time to call on a specialist to have it analyzed. A phosphate level higher than 100 ppb requires dephosphatation of your pool or hot tub water. Before proceeding, make sure that the pH and total alkalinity levels are balanced. It’s also recommended that you clean your filter cartridge.

With the help of the products for sale at Val-Morin Signature Pools, you can perform the dephosphatation of your pool or hot tub water yourself. Contact one of our representatives to find out all of the steps you’ll need to follow.

How to prevent phosphates in your pool

There are several ways to protect the water of your pool or spa against the damaging effects of phosphates. Use phosphate removers to eliminate their appearance and obtain clearer water; avoid the use of anti-tartar and anti-stain products, which usually contain phosphoric acid; and last, but not least, seek the advice of one of our representatives to learn about the good habits you can adopt to help keep your water clean and clear all through the swimming season.

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