What in-ground pool format should you choose?

22 June 2022

Spring is the ideal time to get an in-ground pool so you can enjoy the nice weather while dangling your feet in the water. However, this raises a question: which format should you choose for your in-ground pool?


Concrete in-ground pool formats

With the virtually infinite range of possibilities offered by concrete in-ground pools, it could be difficult to figure out which one might work best for you. At Val-Morin Pools, it would be our pleasure to help you make the best choice for yourself and your family. Luckily, our team includes an architect who can guide and support you throughout the process. If you decide to take advantage of a concrete in-ground pool with an insulated concrete form, our architect will determine the perfect size of in-ground pool, based on your needs, the available space in your yard and any possible easements or other regulations imposed by your municipality. As a result, your custom project will be in good hands!


Formats for in-ground pools with vinyl liners

If you would prefer an in-ground pool in a single piece, we also offer predefined formats, whether large or small, round or rectangular. Since small in-ground pools are currently in vogue, our most popular formats are 10 x 20 and 12 x 24 feet (also available in concrete). What’s more, in order for our clients to utilize their whole pool, most of our pools have a maximum depth of 5’6″, regardless of their format. Besides optimizing the usable area of the pool, this also enables our clients to take advantage of the fair weather with their families, as it makes it easier to play water games.

At Val-Morin Pools, we have everything you need to make the right choice in formats for your in-ground pool. All that will remain for you to do is enjoy the summer season to the fullest beside the pool you’ve always wanted, right in the comfort of your own back yard. So contact us today!

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