Why opt for a concrete in-ground pool?

18 May 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, the back yard has become an increasingly popular place to spend quality time with friends and family. As such, the installation of an in-ground pool is a big plus when it comes to enjoying the summer season to the fullest. There are two main categories of in-ground pools: vinyl ester resin in-ground pools (one-piece construction, predefined shape) and concrete in-ground pools, each offering its own unique advantages. For a fully customized installation worthy of a magazine, a concrete in-ground pool is the ideal choice.


Advantages of a concrete in-ground pool


By choosing a concrete in-ground pool, you can personalize the shape of the pool, as the concrete forms are custom made according to your specifications and the dimensions of your yard. Whether made of simple concrete or an insulated concrete form (exclusively available at Val-Morin Pools), a concrete in-ground pool is a durable choice that can withstand Quebec’s seasonal temperature fluctuations. The eight-inch thick sprayed concrete is reinforced with an iron frame, making it rock-solid and self-supporting so that you don’t necessarily have to surround it with a concrete deck. As a result, the pool will fit more easily into a small back yard, and you’ll enjoy more options in terms of its configuration.


Most of the elements of a concrete in-ground pool, including the depth, the addition of a spillway or waterfall, the paint and the tile, are customizable to suit the buyer’s tastes. It’s even possible to change from a chlorine filtration system to a salt chlorine system.

Concrete in-ground pool maintenance


The weekly maintenance of a concrete in-ground pool is essentially the same as that of any other type of pool. To preserve its longevity, all you need to do is repaint it every six to eight years. Additionally, during the changes in season, it’s necessary to empty and wash the pool so you can enjoy clean, healthy water each summer.


When it comes to pools, a concrete in-ground pool is the most high-end option. With Val-Morin Pools, you’ll be able to take advantage of your new pool sooner than you think, thanks to the company’s quick installation times. Contact us to find out when you can start enjoying a back yard that’s more inviting than ever!

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