What’s the best type of in-ground pool?

26 July 2022

When the time comes to choose your future in-ground pool, it’s important to determine the most appropriate type, depending on your budget, the area and topography of your land, the exterior style of your home, your family’s lifestyle and the amount of time you want to devote to pool maintenance. Each type of in-ground pool that Val-Morin Pools sells—whether a steel pool, vinyl ester resin pool, concrete pool or insulated concrete form (ICF) pool—offers its own distinct advantages, according to your needs.

The different types of in-ground pools

Vinyl ester resin in-ground pools and steel in-ground pools both offer you a good value for your money. You can choose from several different predefined shapes and sizes in order to create a little corner of heaven in your yard, especially if you opt for a turnkey project that includes landscaping. It’s a cost-effective option that will harmonize well with homes of virtually any style.

If you’re looking for something that’s more customizable to your needs and the style of your back yard, concrete pools and VMSR30 ICF pools exhibit the most resistance to our harsh Quebec winters, in addition to offering superior-quality design. You can have them personalized in terms of accessories, surface area, varied linear shapes and more to ensure that they suit your lifestyle and the use you plan to make of them. If your children will be using your concrete in-ground pool, make sure to adapt it appropriately; a beach entrance will provide easy access to your younger kids, while a deeper area will allow your older kids to jump in to the water safely. For a touch of magic, you can even add a waterfall or colored LED lights.

Val-Morin Signature Pools: all-inclusive in-ground pool service

Val-Morin Signature Pools will execute your in-ground pool project according to your specifications. What’s more, regardless of the type of in-ground pool you choose, we offer turnkey service, from the choice of pools to the installation, including the addition of accessories, landscaping, paving stones and an enclosure. When you entrust us with your project, you’ll also benefit from personalized advice and expedited installation. We’ll create the pool of your dreams, whether it’s round or rectangular, small or large, vinyl or concrete!

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