What to consider when purchasing an in-ground pool

4 August 2021

The purchase of an in-ground pool represents a major investment in your home. Whether the pool is small or large, made of fiberglass or concrete, it will serve you for many years to come, so it must live up to your very highest expectations. Before you can enjoy it throughout the summer, it’s important to be properly prepared so that you avoid any unnecessary headaches during its installation.

Preparing your yard for an in-ground pool


The installation of a concrete in-ground pool requires the use of heavy equipment, which needs to have some way to access your back yard. Therefore, you must verify that there’s enough room on the side of your house for the equipment to pass through. The area may also be covered with grass, which will inevitably suffer damage. In this case, by opting for a turnkey project, you’ll avoid any surprise fees so you can accurately calculate the cost. When setting a budget for the installation of an in-ground pool, it isn’t uncommon to overlook various aspects, such as excavation, landscaping, the installation of an enclosure around the pool, etc. For large-scale undertakings like this, Val-Morin Signature Pools offers turnkey projects in which a supervisor works in conjunction with the client in order to ensure that the results meet his or her expectations.

Enclosing your in-ground pool

The installation of an in-ground pool must comply with current municipal regulations. To prevent accidental drowning, the pool must be enclosed in accordance with the specific standards of the city in which you reside. Val-Morin Signature Pools will guide you in the necessary procedures to ensure that your pool is compliant. Contact us for further information on our turnkey in-ground pool projects. Our specialty? Sprayed concrete in-ground pools, an option that’s durable and fully customizable.

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